Takanawa's further assistance in the fight against Covid-19

23. December 2020

As stated in Takanawa's press release 26th of May 2020, when the Covid19 epidemic struck Iceland in March 2020 Takanawa decided to offer, pro bono, assistance to the National University Hospital, Iceland, in obtaining products from Japan that were in demand at that time and unavailable for many countries.

The results were:
1) Avigan (favipiravir) from Fujifilm, regarded as one of two most effective pharmaceutical products against Covid19, as a gift from Japan’s Government. Enough to treat 100 very sick Icelandic patients.
2) 60.000 swabs and 60.000 virus transfer medium from Japan. This turned out to be the largest part of swabs the National Hospital would use during the epidemic. Iceland has been able to control the coronavirus well, not least thanks to large scale testing.

Today, 23rd of Dec. 2020, we are proud to announce that additional Avigan (favipiravir) products from Fujifilm were provided to the National University Hospital, Iceland, which was also arranged by Takanawa, pro bono.

Finally, this would not have happened without the amazing good will Japan has shown Iceland here and during the last decades.