Takanawa Pharma established

01. December 2010

In 2009, Actavis Group, one of world’s leading generic companies, established a JV with Aska Pharmaceutical, a Japanese pharmaceutical company, which is part of Takeda group, Japan’s largest pharma company.
Following that, Bolli Thoroddsen, CEO of Takanawa and former employee of Actavis, and Dr. Kaoru Nozu, former advisor of Actavis, who both were instrumental in creating the JV, decided to establish Takanawa's pharmaceutical business, that is "Takanawa Pharma".

Above picture shows the signing ceremony of the JV between Aska and Actavis, taken at the Iceland Embassy in Japan. (Bolli Thoroddsen nr. 1 from right and Dr. Kaoru Nozu nr. 3. from right)