Takanawa organized Japan Ministry of Environment visit to Iceland

26. August 2011

After the earthquake, the tsunami and the nuclear disaster that occurred in Japan 11th of March 2011, the Japanese government decided to focus more on renewable energy. Takanawa has been promoting geothermal development in Japan since 2010 and has decided to continue to contribute by actively support the Japanese government, institutions and companies in their mission to develop geothermal energy in Japan. For example by introducing the Iceland geothermal energy success story, challenges and opportunities in geothermal energy development.  Japan has the third most geothermal resource in the world but has only developed about 538 MW, where last geothermal power plant was built in 1999, while Iceland has already developed 665 MW, with much less resource and only 1/300 of the population of Japan.

Takanawa is proud to report that its first project to support the geothermal development in Japan, after the earthquake 11th of March,  was to arrange a visit of representatives of Japan Ministry of Environment to Iceland,  24th-26th of Aug. The Ministry went to Iceland to study the benefits of geothermal energy development.