Takanawa organized Hiroshima Nagasaki Atomic B. Memorial Exhib.

30. October 2012

Takanawa organized Hiroshima Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Memorial Exhibition in Iceland, from Aug. 9. – Oct. 29. 2012. The official website of the exhibition can be seen here: www.HirosimaNagasaki.is

The exhibition came from Nagasaki Peace Memorial Hall for the Atomic Bomb and the exhibition was organized with the support of Japan Ministry of Health, Iceland Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Hiroshima City, Nagasaki City, etc.

11.200 guests visited and viewed the exhibition during the over 4 months' opening period. Of that number approximately 1.900 students from all levels (elementary, secondary and university) worked on assignments related to the exhibition after their specially organized study-visits.